The Show must go on!…digitally?

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The COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and well…you know. You’re at home reading this. So we will not be performing out regularly scheduled show.  So no shows this month (or next month probably) so we have to resort to Re-Runs. We went back to the improv vault (yes, we have one, it’s named Goggle Drive) And found this gem. On April 29th 2015, we recorded a Cop-Out mixed with our Elemental improv game.

The fun all starts some time after 8pm So feel free to tune in at tonight March 25th. On facebook live.  

 We remind you that we take no responsibility for the topics, themes, and words we said that one time in the past when that we recorded it for comedy. Viewer Discretion Advised.


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GRIMprov Welcomes you to take part in yet another experiment! This is our 3rd round of “The TALK.” No not about Sex… or maybe if that’s what… anyways! We will be improvising some Ted-Styled talks for the enjoyment of the audience! The only catch is our experts have no idea what they are talking about and the other performers prepared their slides for them! Come on down (we will be there!) money for the bar, and your suggestions! It is Improv Comedy so we need your shouting!

February 26th 2020. 8pm At the Office Restopub 202 Sparks st. Ottawa ON.

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National Stress Awareness Day!

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Well we had a great Halloween. Our annual “Are You Afraid of the Dark” show was a hit. Voodoo cucumbers, 90’s high school drama and the works. Thanks you to all who came out for Spooks-tober.

At the end of the show we googled what the first Wednesday of November is. Google happily informed us… STRESS AWARENESS DAY. So naturally we had out next shows theme given to us by the universe.

Join us as we offer a little relief and a lot of awareness.

GRIMprov Presents: National Stress Awareness Day!
Wednesday Nov. 6th 8pm 202 Sparks St. @ The Office Restopub.


Fall Line UP

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We line them up you knock-em down.
Sept 27 “Crisis In Space!” (DONE!)
Oct 4th “That’s Fucking Stupid! 2” (DONE!)
Oct 25th “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”
Nov 1st “Snowball”
Nov 29th “Projector Project”
Dec 6th “The Dream”
All shows start at 8pm at the Cock and Lion Pub 202 Sparks st. Ottawa, ON!
See you there.

Crisis in Space!

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Every frontier has is difficulties, the important thing is that we do not forget politeness. Humans may move on from earth but at our core we will always be the same. GRIMprov! is excited to launch into episode one of our fall Season Wednesday September 27th with “Crisis in Space”.

The show takes place at the The Cock and Lion Pub (202 Sparks St,) and it starts at 8pm. Suggested price is $5!

Details on the full fall season to launch at the show! (or posted here after)


OUT of Retirement – The COP OUT is Back!

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Yes! &! it is that time again and GRIMprov! brings back a fan favorite show, so without further ado… out of retirement for one night only!! GRIMprov proudly presents… their bipolar masterpiece: the “COP-OUT. See it switch from everyday grit to GRiTtIEsT* thing imaginable and back again.
Show starts after 8pm, at the The Cock and Lion Pub, 202 Sparks St.
Wednesday July 26th. 5$ at the door.

May 3rd We Achieve Climax!

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Hey Internet, we remount a classic GRIMprov Lab this Wednesday May 3rd at the Cock and Lion, 202 Sparks St. 8pm. “Achieving Climax!” Last scene first with one character trying desperately to prevent the unpreventable. Don’t miss it.



New Year, New Ideas, New Shows!

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With a new year brings more and more opportunities to make Ottawa laugh. We have solid lineup coming up for our Winter/Spring Season. Including University of Ottawa guest stars, the return of Groundhog Day, return of our RPG (which accidentally turned into a deadly escape room last time we tried it) and a few more surprises.

So Happy New YEAR!

See, Do, live, laugh, breath improv!

FRINGE is Coming

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It’s coming this June 15-26, 2016.

Are you Ready? We are ready… well… as ready as improvisers can be.


Get Your Tickets Here

GRIMprov will be doing our Fan (and Our) Favourite Show:  J.C.PI.

Jesus Christ Private Investigator.

For 10 Shows



Next Show Wednesday April 27th

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Ladies and Gentlemen, GRIMprov is back with a brand new show! This format does not yet have a name but it will allow you, our lovely and sexy audience, to shape and mould the type of show you want to see! If you want more lasers, you will get it! More intense love scenes? Done. More funny? Got it covered!

All this fun takes place at the Cock And Lion Pub (202 Sparks Street) Wednesday night at 8pm! The show is a low low price of $5 at the door! So take advantage of the Spring weather and come see the show that you want to see, one governed and moulded by you!