GRIMsville (Season 1)

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Previously on GRIMsville (Cole’s notes Version)

Episode 1:

Joe Everyman moved away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto to a small Northern Canadian town of GRIMsville and moved into the “old Murdock place.” Oddly enough a series of strange Arrow related deaths (that we’re not allowed to talk about) began, which caught the FBIs attention (played by Patrice). A strange short fused Mayor and his lackey brother-in-law Dr. Pending have been covering-up all traced of the mysterious deaths.

Episode 2:

The Mayor hired Joe’s old Southern accent Toronto Friend Tom Oliver (played by Colin) to keep tabs on the new arrival and to make sure he didn’t go into the attic. Carlo started his B-log to look into mysteries of the town. After breaking into Joe’s house he discovered Joe’s was onto Oliver’s plot and got Carlo to lure him into a trap only to discover that Oliver is his father (but not actually). Oliver was killed by an arrow before he could say who we was working for.

Episode 3:

Clint was a pushover and a punk, but after confiding with Mort (the town librarian) and performing a short ritual Clint gained strange powers that would change him forever (talking to trees, fire, and growing vegetation). After an epic adventure on Tom Oliver’s horse, Gus finds a “mysterious box” at the edge of town (a literal cliff). He brings it to the Mayor (provincial law) and now the Mayor owes him a favor. Dave (the only corner store owner) heads back to the top of the infinity ladder in his shop and finds a ghost, Penelope (Val), who he slept with. Carlo, Joe and his eldest daughter Rebecca search for more arrow heads but find a small scroll in the forest that says “Your Next!”

Episode 4:

The Mayor still needs 2 arrow heads to appease the mysterious mayors of the past. Dave struggles with his addiction to Ghost sex and Joe helps Gus with this lady troubles. The Mayor commissions Clint to use his power to build a labyrinth with the temple in the middle of it. Joe’s youngest daughter (Hailey’s character) arrives and demands she stay away from the only other kid in town Carlo. Naturally they head off together. The Mayor meets with Mort about the curse which is killing the Mayor unless they, “trade blood with another.”  Joe catches Carlo and his daughter in front of the labyrinth and they release that the scroll wasn’t grammatically incorrect and it was referring to Joe’s daughter, who got taken into the maze. Carlo heads in after her into the maze.

Episode 5:

We learn the mysterious history of this town located in Northern Ontario, GRIMsville was once a booming town with a thriving chocolate chip factory frequented by the likes of Eric Clapton but since fell on hard times since the breaking of the chocolate levy in 1972. The history of the pyramid and first moving pictures etc.

Episode 7:

Carlo has been looking for Angela in the maze for two days. The Mayor is dying and need to harness the electromagnetic field of the Earth by using the temple built on the old chocolate factory. The Mayor, Mort, Dr. Pending, and a New doctor “Dr. Sherbovski” (played by Tim) head to the temple to kill every living thing within it for the plan to work. Carlo (still in the maze) finds a Duo-Spider (also played by Tim) named Edward. This strange spider creature has scissors for hands, 2 arm, 2 eyes, 2 legs but 8 hearts Carlos falls in love with Edward. Clint activated the self destruct mechanism for the temple.

Episode 8:

Local B-Logger and town teen Carlo got lost in the maze built by the town’s mayor only too fall in and out of true love in the Duo-Spider Doctor Pending and the New Doctor managed to return the life force of the mayor. The cursed Clint Underhand met his death by the hands of the mysterious arrow killer.

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