The LAB!

The Lab is an improv Laboratory of Experimental improvised specialty shows.

GRIMprov pushes the bounds of what improv is. We have been developing experimental forms of improv which ranges from mixing improv with popular culture, movies, games, theatrical techniques, to tweaking genres to revolutionize the medium. These are our specialty shows or “Labs” as we call them. We premiere a new lab every second half of our regular show.

Past experimentation and specialty shows are listed here.

  1. Requiem for a Dream prov
  2. Zimmerprov
  3. Brother GRIM
  4. BONDprov
  5. LEGOprov
  6. GRIMprov Saves X-Mas
  7. WAR
  8. Day-in-the-life prov
  9. Homeward bound (movie)
  10. Apocolypti-prov
  11. Most Canadian Improv
  12. three guys fishing
  13. Everyday heros
  14. Action figure prov
  15. Game of Game prov
  16. Puppet-prov
  17. Justice for None
  18. Superheroprov
  19. personifictionPROV
  20. grimprov vs grimprov
  21. Total COP-OUT
  22. Are You afraid of the dark prov
  23. Sci-fi extravaganza
  24. Silent Movie
  25. Aladin (movie)
  26. Tale of the Two-headed man
  27. J.C.P.I: Jesus Christ Private Investigator
  28. A Very 80’s Improv
  29. Greek Mythos prov
  30. Premonition prov
  31. FUNeral
  32. Classic Improv Games
  33. Chin wag
  34. screw you cards
  35. hot seat
  36. Clay-media-dell’impro
  37. choose own adventure
  38. Google street view
  39. start start  energy officers
  40. the heist
  41. InceptionPROV
  42. Cards against humanity
  43. Input your improv
  44. What else can go wrong?
  45. Fork in the Road
  46. Hall of Justice
  47. Auto-Austin
  48. 20 years later
  49. Wish Apon a StarPROV




Technical LABS




Building better worlds one b(L)ox at a time.”

We grew up with Lego. You could make anything you wanted then take it apart and build something else completely different.  If you thought creating and improvised story was hard enough try improvising the sets at the same time!  And why stop there, sets, props and location all created with card board boxes duct tape and tubes.  (This show is 100% Green, we recycled)



“Big adventures on a small-scale, Go figure?”

Take your favorite none collector’s edition action figures and put them on stage. With improvised backgrounds, props, DJ Helicase and some toys GRIMprov creates a living comic book.  We premiered this Lab at Ottawa’s first Comic-con! And it was a hit.



“Changing the mundane to Epic! with Epic music.”

You’ve seen Michael Bay movies and other Hollywood hits but you also feel them. Why is that? That’s thanks to the music! And some of the best motion picture scores come from our favorite composer Hans Zimmer. With over a hundred and forty movies to his name, such as, Batman Begins, Inception, Transformers 2, Black Hawk Down, Madagascar 3 and the Lion King, etc. Our DJ Helicase gets pushed to the limits of mixing moods from some of your favorite movies in this unforgettable improv.  Who knew doing the dishes was so epic?



“If the walls could talk they could tell tales”

If objects could walk they would stroll all day and if trees could dance I am sure they could prance. We as humans are surrounded by objects all day long and we never hear or see the world from their point of view. Using objects brought in by the audience, GRIMprov will tell you tale from the objects side. It’s like Toy Story meets the Brave Little Toaster but with your objects, so don’t forget to bring something!


GAME of GAMEprov

“Two Kingdoms, one game. It’s literally like a game of Chess.”

Chess never came with a plot, just rules; no one knows why these two kingdoms are fighting. We suspect it’s racism but there’s probably more to it than that. GRIMprov’s most challenging experimental lab to date, we play chess and tell a tale of two kingdoms.




“This ain’t your kid’s puppet show”

(Also known as PUPPETprov) Yes we made some homemade puppets with our bare hands and now we cover those hands with them.  These original characters:  Blooper, Flopalopolis, and Gary from accounting are three unlikely roommates with thousands of stories to tell.




Movie Inspired LABS


Requiem for a DREAMprov

“Addiction, obsession and Comedic tragedy.”

If you haven’t guessed by now, “Requiem for a DREAMprov is based on the movie Requiem for a Dream. But instead of an addiction to illegal substances we collect some everyday objects or activities from you, our audience and show the horrifying hilarity of what happens when your world revolves around them. Everything from tooth picks to knitting, any obsession can create self-destruction.



“Home is just over that mountain”

That’s right the movie. Yes, we did the movie.

Yes, the whole movie!

REALLY we did! Watch!





“impro that’s shaken not stirred.”

Daniel Craig not living up to the old Bonds? Or you can’t just get enough of that suave spy even with over 20 movies. Then you defiantly need something new in that classic Bond style. BONDprov give you just that, your very own personal James Bond movie.




“Submitted for the approval of the midnight society I call this improv…”

Halloween is often seen as the scariest time of year so our Halloween special was in homage to the spookiest show ever to be aired on Canadian Television: ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK! That’s right folks, come relive the best of Canadian 90′s television with GRIMprov.


Themed LABS



With real ‘Surprised’ witnesses

The justice system isn’t broken it’s just insane; especially when an audience member suggests a reason to sue someone. This improvised mock trial beats any day time TV judge. It’s a small claims court where anything can happen especially since the evidence seems completely made up.



“News papers only tell half the story.”

A lot happens in this city more than what you see online or read in the paper. There’s more to it, so much more that you couldn’t fit it in one little article. And in this fast paced society you might not have time to read it. So if you didn’t read the paper today then let GRIMprov give you the inside scoop of what the headlines really mean. Using today’s newspaper or some old ones that haven’t been recycled yet; GRIMprov delivers a diverse story that will be news to you.




GRIMprov Saves X-Mas

“A Holiday tale any time of the year.”

Did you know that Christmas wouldn’t have happened this year? Why it would have been cancelled if it wasn’t for a heroic tale from some unlikely misfits. It’s a feel good, fun show about the true spirit of Christmas.




“With great suggestions, comes great improv”

Look up in the Sky! It’s a bird; it’s a plane, NO WAIT… It is just a couple of skinny guys. What super power did you always want? Be a witness of an on stage comic book. Heroes, villains and even normal people!



GRIMprov Vs GRIMprov

Ladies and gentlemen… It is time. Time for GRIMprov to find the toughest, meanest, evilist team to go head to head with. GRIMprov will have a team vs team match and defending the title on their home turf will be GRIMprov: a local three-man improv troupe with the skinniest guys imaginable. The daring Drew, jesting Joel and mad-man Mike will being facing the challenge of their life.

The challengers are a local three-man improv troupe with the skinniest guys imaginable. The daring Dale, jesting Jeff and mad-man Mark form: GRIMprov with Hats! These teams will be fighting for your affection attention and no one know who will win!




   blank       caused the end of the world! Really?”

The end is near! The Mayan calendar is running out, birds are falling from the sky. And puppies are making sweet sweet love in a clover patch wearing matching sweaters with kittens. This can only mean the world is coming to an end. What better way to celebrate the end of the world than by watching. If it’s not nuclear winter, meteors, zombies, or global warming what is it?




A Total COP Out!

“Gritty and not so gritty”

One of the most amazing improvised cop dramas you have ever seen. Rowdy sergeants, lowly privates, witty dialogue and maybe even homeless hecklers yelling at the moon are all things to look forward to.  With the audience at the helm of how gritty this drama gets it swings from buddy cop movie to Max Payne, and back in seconds. DJ Helicase is at his best!



Every Day Heroes!

“Jobs to some Heroes to others”

Sometimes a job is more than a job. We all wish we could have a more exciting one, or at least one that pays well, but other times our expectations and assumption are just plain wrong about how good a job is.  In the style of bring your parents to school day GRIMprov gives you a glimpse of three careers given by you the audience. Remember that simple mundane job may turn out to be the most important one of all and they may turn out to be a true hero.




 “Fairly odd tales that adults shouldn’t hear.”

The Brothers Grim have many strange tales to tell. Many have been edited from the strange and curl originals. Here’s our take on how a fairy tale should be.





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