About Us

We will make you laugh: at your fears, the truth and the absurdities of life and death.20140730-DSC09517

“Laugh to death comedy” – GRIMprov 

The Troupe

GRIMprov is a Five member improvisational comedic troupe that have performed shows across Ottawa at a variety of venues (theatres, bars, galleries, Comic-con!). Drew McFadyen, Joel Garrow, Mike Kosowan, Jordan Moffatt and DJ Helicase (Austin Vair) have been performing improv under different troupes for countless years (Mission-improvable, Summer Crush, Insensitivity Training, and more). These four amigos make up the dark and humorous mantel of GRIMprov. We delight and entertain audiences at charity events, corporate parties, or whereever an audience can be found.

“It’s like you’re in the room with them” – Audience Member    

Our Style
GRIMprov’s show uses a technique of improv playfully referred to as the “Cul-de-Sac,” to create a string of short stories that often meld into an overarching narrative.  This rapid-fire style of improv builds a world quickly letting audiences explore a mysterious new realm where characters come and go, bonds are formed and destroyed and the zany becomes reality.

“It’s like channel surfing but all the shows are running together.” – Someone who deserves credit.

The Lab

GRIMprov’s Lab also pushes the bounds of what improv is. Each show we present a newly developed experimental form which ranges from mixing improv with popular culture, movies, games, theatrical techniques, to tweeking genres and techniques to revolutionize the medium. Like any art from improvisation is an ever evolving creature and is always taking new shapes. GRIMprov pushes the confines of what these shapes can be.

Come join GRIMprov as they create a bizarre and silly world from the deep regions of the human mind.

Our Bi-Monthly Show:

Wanna catch some laughs and drink some beer? Swing by Ottawa’s ye olde Cock and Lion Pub (202 Sparks Street) the first and last Wednesday of every month! 8pm start time and regular price is $5 at the door.

“An improv venue with cock in the title? Now I’ve seen      everything.” – Woman who formerly believed she had seen everything.

http://www.cockandlion.com for menu info!

Cock and Lion Logo

Have Performed at
mooseCreek north grenville





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