As a duo, Grimprov and Helicase are unbeatable.” – The Visitorium

Joel Garrow


Joel Garrow has 14 years of improv experience. Which hardly excuses his crappy attitude and bitterness. He has learned though the Canadian Improv Games, the Humber College comedy writing and performance program, and the Impatient theater company, He has been a part of 3 clubs, 2 teams, 6 troupes, 7 competitions, 5 professional shows over the span of 3 cities and has read 2 books on the subject; adding up to an improv score of 28.

Mike Kosowan


Mike is an actor, playwright, clown, improvist and a University of Ottawa theatre graduate. He currently works with Eddie May Murder Mysteries, Orbital Talent’s Busker Birthdays, Crystal Basement, and teaches advanced improv at the Ottawa Acting Company. He has performed in multiple Fringe Festivals in Ottawa, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Edmonton as well as the Magnetic North Festival, and Montreal and Ottawa Improv Festivals. He is the Winner of the 13 Annual Youth Infringement Festival, as a playwright for “Trapped in a Vox” (2011). And also teaches workshops, magic and juggles constantly and has an angry bird named Jake. More at

Drew McFadyen


Drew McFadyen is GRIMprov’s standard issue redneck and proof reader. He is no stranger to the improvised arts. Before GRIMprov, Drew performed with Mission Improvable (The University of Ottawa’s English Improv Troupe) for four years serving as both the captain and president . During this time he played with many other local troupes and locations. He is a man of no fixed trade and his resume reeks of improv. He has worked as a pub walk tour guide, lock master, soccer referee, a dairy clerk, at Ottawa’s Haunted Walk and last but not least as a pirate. When he is not being easily distracted he is off playing neighbourhood cats and chasing squirrels.

DJ Helicase aka Austin Vair


DJ Helicase (Austin Vair) has performed onstage as an improv performer with Mission Improvable for two years during his university career in Biochemistry. Since graduation, his passion for DJing eclipsed his passion for the stage, and he can now be found providing all the appropriate musical cues for Grimprov. He often DJs private parties and occasionally plays bar gigs in Ottawa as a DJ, spinning electro-swing, house, and mash-ups for the delight of the crowd.

Jordan Moffatt

Jordan is a human being once living in Toronto. You may have seen him walking around there. He has performed with several improv groups in Ottawa, including Insensitivity Training, Crush Improv, University of Ottawa English Improv Troupe and, of course, Grimprov. Jordan has volunteered with the Canadian Improv games, refereeing in the Ottawa Regional Tournament. Jordan graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2011 with a degree in Communications. He was the third string point guard on his high school basketball team.


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