NO 2ND CHANCES! (Ottawa Fringe 2014)

The 2014 Ottawa Fringe is here and GRIMprov is ready to show the people of Ottawa what we can do! Just like in life, on stage there are NO 2nd  CHANCES!  All of GRIMprov’s shows are made up on the spot and there is no second chance to see a missed show*. Drew, Joel, Mike, and a special guest star each night will be live with DJ Helicase at the Lunenburg Pub (14 Waller Street) for gut busting comedy full of shock and awe!

Show Listings:
Thursday June 19th 6pm: The Cop-Out

Saturday June 21 4pm: Choose Your Own Adventure

Sunday June 22nd 8pm: Aladdin

Tuesday June 24th 6pm: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Wednesday June 25th 6pm: JCPI, Jesus Christ Private Investigator

Thursday June 26th 6pm: Inceptionprov

Saturday June 28th 4pm: Bondprov

Sunday June 29th 8pm: Voter’s Choice Show*


Check out these amazing shows for an unscripted, fun and zany Fringe experience. We welcome all to our humble pub to join us for a drink and a show you have a say in. There is a show for everyone so bring friends, family and that awkward guy from work. We will see you at the Lunenburg!

*Technically, you can vote to see a show you missed or pick a new show from a list so you may have a 2nd chance to see a style of show, but every show is super different bro.

VOTE for Sunday 29th

Ironically its Your Only Second chance to see a show you missed

[Voting now closed]



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