Three BIG Shows! & Grimprov Against MS!

Next week we pump out four shows to knock your socks off, so keep your shoes on.

Wednesday 26th Cock and Lion at the same 8:00pm GRIM O’clock. We will be raising money the MS Society of Canada!

So open your hearts, your laughter bladders and beer holes and support a good cause! There will be two great halves of Grimprov with labs TBA!!! The show will be a five dollar suggested donation! GRIMprov will be accompanied by that sexy DJ Helicase pull off some mad tunes and, of course, our special guest will be GRIMprov’s good friend the almighty Adam Goldberg!

 But that’s not all 

GRIMprov has been working hard in the LAB to bring you  three nights of entertainment along with our friends  from Dead Unicorn Ink, and MayCan theatre. We would like to invite you to enjoy some thrilling new works from each company at Trois (Three), an evening of great revelation, astounding theatre and cold beer.

February 27, 28 and March 1st

Doors and bar open at 7:30 shows start at 8;00pm.
Tickets: $20
Online: $18.00
Early bird tickets: $15.00 (till February 24th) CLICK HERE
Run time: 30min+30min+30min
Beer: $4 =1 or $10=3

Dead Unicorn Ink, in association with some of Ottawa Theatre Schools brilliant former students presents The Acceptable Appearance Theory a new work by Victoria Luloff and Patrice-Ann Forbes. What if your whole life history was imprinted on your skin, for everyone to see? Would you wear it proudly or out of shame, search to eradicate every single scar? Ms. Cadence and her group of like-minded individuals have that power, and as much as Dana loves Mark, is she willing to give up her identity for him?

Ottawa theatre sensation MayCan will be exploring a new work at Trois (Three). What About Horses. Magic and death laced with high time philosophy and grit to boot by Tony Adams and Cory Thibert. A MayCan Theatre original work. “Like Sounds from a Turtle Shell if anyone in that show had balls or any sensibility, or lack thereof.”

Grimprov presents: Start Start Energy Officers!
Sounds like a Power Rangers show… but its not (due to copyright issues)! Totally different. This show follows unsuspecting teens who have to save the world with super powers, coloured spandex and easily marketable mecha-bots. Come watch GRIMprov create another masterpiece without a script as the show is created in front of your very eyes! See these Terrible Transmuting Energy Officers kick some butt and save the world



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