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choose your own adventure prov

Choose your own adventure prov


What’s happened

It’s already December  and GRIMprov has pumped out some experimental improv gold from our Laboratory: The Chin-Wag, Clay-media dell’impro,and a new crowd favourite Choose Your Own AdventurePROV! We thank everyone that came out the last few months to see use hurt our necks and dress up our chins, to making a mess by clay-ing our faces and peeling off our skin and to boldly go in whatever direction you wanted (sorry for drinking your beer Paul, we’re really sorry).

But wait there’s more, we’ve had one idea in our back pocket for quite some time now and we want you to see it this Wednesday.

This week’s Show

We have one more show coming up Wednesday Dec 4th 2013, same Grim time same Grim place (Google it). It marks the end of the year for improv shows since our annual Christmas show would be on Christmas day and our gift to you is … well… we’ll save X-Mas again, bust that’s a story for another time.

So come out and have a laugh as we put on what can only be described as GRIMprov Presents: Google Earth Adventure Time! combining projection, locations and epic improv.

Workshop II: Getting Physical

We have one more improv workshop this year on Wednesday Dec. 11th, part of our monthly improv drop-in workshop series. We’ll be focusing on learning Character physicalization, mime, tasking and more. As well as quick overview of our first workshop to get those who missed it up to speed. Workshop 2 is Wednesday Dec. 11th, 8pm (Cock and Lion 202 Sparks St.) ten dollars, all are welcome no matter what skill level.

the P.S.

With all that said we thank everyone that’s been coming out to see us perform because with out you we’re just four guys talking to chairs. Again thanks to all our Sarahs, our friends and family and their support. So remember have a marry happy holidays on us.

See you January First!  (pssst that’s the next show)


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