Are You Afraid of the DarkPROV II

ImageIt’s Halloween again, which means it’s time for a Halloween show! The GRIMist improv troupe in town proudly presents an homage to the spookiest show ever to be aired on Canadian Television: ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK! 

That’s right folks, come relive the best of Canadian 90′s television with @DJ helicase and GRIMprov at the Cock and Lion (202 Sparks Street) for some pre-Halloween fun. The show starts at eight pm and is five dollars at the door. But wait, there’s more! The show will open with the Ottawa famous Cul-de-Sac and will feature great company, a live (and sexy) DJ and there is beer for sale so win! So be there or be square*!

*Note, the line “Be there or be square” was often used in the nineties. If you needed my footnote to know this you may want to brush up on the show by watching the episodes online. If you didn’t need my footnote you are just nineties enough.

(Wednesday October 30th 8pm Cock and Lion Pub)


2 Responses to “Are You Afraid of the DarkPROV II”

  1. What day is this scheduled for?

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