GRIMprov turns Three!



So it has finally happened: GRIMprov has come out of its not-so-terrible twos and has turned three! And we are inviting all you lovely people out for our three year anniversary show! We had to think long and hard and what makes our show great… Is you! 

That is why we want to get you involved any way you want to. For those who want to join us on stage, let us know by posting in our event if you want to play! We will be doing it Scribble-Jam style so we will pull names from a hat to see who plays. One half will be short-form scketch (improv game styled) and the second half is our three-year old Cul-De-Sac so let us know if you want to join one style or both! You will also get a customized player card to keep forever after in your likeness! 

If you don’t want to perform, that is cool too! You will get a Screw-You Card so you can bugger with the 2nd half at your whimsy!

Show is five dollars at the door this Wednesday September the 25th! It is at the Cock and Lion (202 Sparks) to join GRIMprov and our sexy DJ Helicase! So come on out and celebrate good times!



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