GRIMprov Presents a FUNeral

Clown funeral

That’s right; GRIMprov brings the Grim-humor to the im-prov once again by giving you a fun funeral service. Who will show up? Why did they die? That’s completely up to the audience and for us to make sense.  We put the FU back in funeral… wait that didn’t sound right.

Join GRIMprov on Wednesday 28th 8pm Cock and Lion (202 Sparks St.) $5 at the door.

This lab will be opened by our signature long-form style of improv known as the Cul-De-Sac! What could be better? I don’t know maybe pandas, yes if we had live pandas at the show that would be impressive. (don’t expect pandas) Expect GRIMprov and  DJ Helicase and a gorgeous audience to come see it!



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