GRIMprov’s REQUIEM FOR A DREAMprov @ the Gladstone

GladstoneA hilariously dark night is to be had at the Gladstone for one Night Only! August 3. 7:30PM See two shows for the price of one ($15)

Requiem for a DREAMprov & I’m Ready Warden: Words of the Condemned

First of the night the remount of Requiem for a DREAMprov, Presented by GRIMprov If you haven’t guessed by now, this show is based on the movie Requiem for a Dream. But instead of an addiction to illegal substances we collect some everyday objects or activities from you, our audience and show the horrifying hilarity of what happens when your world revolves around them. Everything from tooth picks to knitting, any obsession can create self-destruction. Click for Reviews

I’m Ready Warden: Words of the Condemned Presented by Standy-Man Productions
Since 1982, the state of Texas has kept a meticulous record of the final words of its death row inmates. I’m Ready Warden: Words of the Condemned draws on these final statements, together with the accounts of others within and outside the prison system–religious figures, prison staff, politicians–to create a gripping piece of documentary theatre around the issue of capital punishment. At the heart of the piece is the testimony of condemned murderers facing death. I’m Ready Warden explores the lived experience of guilt and innocence, retribution and remorse, built on the perspective of the individual facing institutional violence at its most extreme.

August 3, 7:30 Start time
Tickets $15 at the door.
Or contact us to get them in advance



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