BONDprov………………Fri. 21st
Requiem for a DREAMprov…Sat. 22nd
COP OUT……………….Sun. 23rd
X-Mas Special………….Mon. 24th
Silent Movie…………..Tue. 25th
JUSTICE for NONE……….Wed. 26th
LEGOprov………………Fri. 28th
PUPPETprov…………….Sat. 29th
Your VOTE……………Sun. 30yh

8:00pm Lunenburg BYOV: B

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Friday 21st BONDprov – “improv that’s shaken not stirred.”

Daniel Craig not living up to the Bonds of old? Or you just can’t get enough of that suave spy even with over 20 movies. Then you definitely need something new in that classic Bond style. This is your very own personalized James Bond movie.

Saturday 22nd Requiem for a DREAMprov – “Addiction, obsession and Comedic tragedy.”

If you haven’t guessed by now, this show is based on the movie Requiem for a Dream. But instead of an addiction to illegal substances we collect some everyday objects or activities from you, our audience, and show the horrifying hilarity of what happens when your world revolves around them. Everything from tooth picks to knitting, any obsession can create self-destruction.

Sunday 23rd Total COP Out! – “Gritty and not so gritty”

One of the most amazing improvised cop dramas you have ever seen. YOU have the power in your hands to change the scene from a buddy cop movie to Dirty Hairy, and back again in seconds. DJ Helicase is at his best!

Monday 24th X-Mas Special – “A Holiday tale any time of the year.”

Did you know that Christmas wouldn’t have happened this year? It would have been cancelled if it wasn’t for a heroic tale from some unlikely misfits. It’s a feel good, fun show about the true spirit of June-Christmas with a Grim twist. (Fringe’s only X-Mas Special*)

Tuesday 25th a Silent movie – “Shhhhhh”

In the classic monochrome styles of Keaton this is a fast paced physical show where the audience has the final say by literally writing the dialogue for the show!

Wednesday 26th JUSTICE FOR NONE! – “With real ‘Surprised’ witnesses”
The justice system isn’t broken: it’s just insane! Especially when an audience member suggests a reason to sue someone. This improvised mock trial beats any daytime TV trial. It’s a small claims court where anything can happen especially since the evidence seems completely made-up!

Friday 28th LEGOprov –“Building better worlds one box at a time.”
We grew up with Lego. You could make anything you wanted then take it apart and build something else completely different. If you thought creating and improvised story was hard enough try improvising the sets at the same time! And why stop there, sets, props and location all created with cardboard boxes, duct tape and tubes. (This show is 100% Green, we recycled)

Saturday 29th PUPPETprov – “This isn’t your kid’s puppet show”

Yes, we made some homemade puppets with our bare hands and now we cover those hands with them. These original characters: Blooper, Flopalopolis, and Gary from accounting are three unlikely roommates with thousands of stories to tell. Come on by and learn a valuable life lesson!

Sunday 30th Your Vote
Take a moment to vote online for a show you may have missed, your favourite, or one that sounds nice. After, please turn off your cell phone or it may get used in the show


GRIMprov presents


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