Requiem for a DreamPROV with DJ Helicase!

You know GRIMprov but what do you really know about DJ Helicase? Sure, you all recognize his name, know his tunes and styles and have probably imagined yourself making love to him when you should have been working on a show description…. He is not just an incredible DJ, he is an incredible improviser too! This Wednesday April the 3rd come join GRIMprov as DJ Helicase joins us for the Cul-de-Sac and the critically acclaimed Requiem for a Dreamprov! To spice things up even more, Joel will be working the soundboard making for an amazing evening!

If you haven’t guessed by now, Requiem for a Dreamprov is based on the movie Requiem for a Dream. Instead of an addiction to illegal substances we collect some everyday objects or activities from you, our audience, and show the horrifying hilarity of what happens when your world revolves around them. This show demonstrates how any obsession can lead to self-destruction!

The show is at the Cock and Lion (202 Sparks Street) and is five dollars at the door! Show starts at 8pm! So shake off that Easter dinner, grab a drink and have a laugh on the hump-e-ist day of the week!


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