Ottawa Improv Forever!


This Wednesday March 15h, our friends at MI-6 (the University of Ottawa’s English Improv Team) will be holding a show at the Lunenburg 7:30 pm. We hope that everyone can make it out to this show and support local improv!

Our friends at the university were recently a victim of an over-zealous U.S based troupe who canceled their Facebook group without warning because they own the rights to the name “Mission Improvable” even though it’s a well known fact that Improv troupes tend to label themselves with silly puns. This was  nasty blow to the group as they lost their fans, events and photos which included the ones from past shows including their Cracking-Up the capital show with Colin Mocherie. We here at GRIMprov hope you all take a moment to help them rebuild: like their group or page on Facebook and attend their events! Wednesday’s show is only five dollars and that goes a long way in supporting up-and-coming improv. It was through the U of O improv scene that Mike, Drew, Joel, Jordan and DJ Helicase were able to meet and form GRIMprov and we are quite close to this troupe. We have been honoured that so many of these young performers from MI-6 have since shared the GRIMprov stage with us!

MI-6 is more than just a troupe, it’s a community of aspiring, talented, young performers. That is why that GRIMprov is proud to join them and the rest of the Ottawa improv community rallying around them in hopes that they will continue to flourish. So thumbs up to our little and proud community of improvists who will adapt and endure, and thumbs down to the other Mission Improvable- for shame. Improv is about having fun and letting others enjoy in your fun: improv is not about dirty business and exclusion. Perhaps this American troupe is jealous of a certain other troupe sharing a stage with Colin Mochrie! That is why we should go out and support our little-guys this Wednesday at the Lunenburg! We will see you there!


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