Cracking Up the Capital!

Thursday Feb 7th,

Us GRIMprovists have had the pleasure of working with the University of Ottawa English Improv Troupe (better known as MI6) for several years. Most of GRIMprov is U of O alumni and many of the members of MI6 have been guest stars on our show.

When we hear that they will be playing against Carlton in a competition we get excited for the show, when we hear its proceeds go towards mental health we become ecstatic  and when we hear that Canadian Improv legend Colin Mochrie will be the host… we have instant impro-gasims, change pants and head on down.

Both teams put on a great show with MI6 pulling slightly ahead to win the trophy! So congratulations to both teams on an amazing night! If this event comes back next year the GRIMprov crew highly recommends it!

After the show we got the chance to meet Colin himself! He is a nice guy and we thank him on behalf of the Ottawa Improv community for supporting the improv scene of our fair town~!GRIMprov and Colin


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