Cop out


Without missing a beat, GRIMprov is back with another Wednesday night show! That’s right folks, GRIMprov will be brining back the COP OUT, both a troupe and fan favorite. Come watch the boys of GRIMprov perform a cop drama where YOU, the sexy audience, control the level of grittiness!

Turn our show form a buddy cop comedy to a cynical cop movie just by shouting at us! The show will be held at the Cock and the Lion* 202 Sparks Street at starts at a new time, 8pm! That’s right, can’t make GRIMprov because of your stupid boss and job? Now you can shove it in his/her face by both attending the show and being on time for work the next day! The show will open with our notoriously good Cul-de-Sac and the whole show will be to the beats of DJ Helicase! This show is pay what you think its worth and we will be passing the hat at the end of the show!

logo_cocknlionSo come on out for some good times, thrilling lines like “I WILL HAVE YOUR BADGE FOR THIS ROOKIE”, some cold drinks, good company and amazing improv!!

*: For those who have never been to the Cock and the Lion, it is located near Sparks and Bank Street. It is a basement bar so use the left door beside another door that also says 202. The bar is between a TD bank and a Tim Hortons for those who get close! We will see you there!



  1. Dreamling Says:

    This Wednesday?

    • Good day!

      Sorry about the late reply as we update the blog on Sundays, we perform the first and last Wednesday of the month so our next show will be on Feb 27th, 8pm at the Cock and Lion (202 Sparks)! We haven’t picked our lab for that show quite yet but stay tuned for the post. We hope to see you out there!

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