A Merry GRIMprov Christmas

Twas the last Wednesday of December,
And all through Ottawa,
The citizens were gathered,
For a night of improvised Ha-Ha!

All the people left their homes,
To the place that they meet,
They headed down to the Imperial,
At 329 Bank Street!

They all went to see,
A special GRIMprov Christmas show,
That was filled with awesome,
And certainly didn’t blow!

Many creatures were stirring,
Even the mouse,
Cause DJ Helicase was back,
And was rocking the house!

And Joel was there,
To spread some cheer,
Sitting in his rocker,
Drinking Erdinger beer.

Mike gathered the presents,
From under an improvised tree,
Shaking the presents,
While sipping vodka Christmas tea.

And Drew too was present,
And stayed the whole night,
He stayed for as long as he could,
To avoid the cold winter bite. 

They were in good spirits,
Quite a happy crew,
And were very excited,
To put on a Christmas show for you!

So come one come all,
And watch our improvised plight,
A merry December to all,
And we will see you Wednesday Night!Image


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