Reviews are in

If you missed Fresh Meat Theatre Fest then you missed a lot. Here’s what Ottawa reviews had to say about us:

“Secondly, our evening’s hosts, Grimpov Theatre, took the stage to present their interpretation of how the movie Requiem for a Dream could have played out with any strange sort of addiction. For our show, our trio were addicted to sharpening pencils, cleaning with Swiffers and starting funeral homes. The 20 minute vignette was hilarious from start to finish and if it were longer it would have been worth the $15 cover alone. The trio play off of each other so well, and are quick on their feet, creating laughter and entertainment throughout the entire course of their show. Each night the guys are doing a different movie themed show, all with audience suggestions of course.” – Production Ottawa

Full Fresh Meat Review here:

“Next up were GRIMprov, with a long-form improvisation based loosely on Requiem for a Dream.  It’s difficult enough to keep an improv piece going for seven minutes, let alone twenty, with only three performers and three suggestions, but to their credit GRIMprov manage to keep the energy of their performance increasing, remaining entertaining right until the end.  They have a different theme planned—if improv can, indeed, be planned—for each of the three nights of Fresh Meat.” – Apartment 613

Full Review here:

See you all next year’s Fresh Meat Festival!


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