A Total COP Out!

With the Fresh Meat Festival, PERSONIFICATIONprov and GRIMprov vs GRIMprov all in the same month you think the GRIM boys would be getting tired… YOU”D BE WRONG. GRIMprov doesn’t get tired they just COP OUT! That’s right folks, for your viewing pleasure Mike, Drew, Joel and DJ Helicase present to you the most amazing improvised cop drama you have ever seen. Rowdy sergeants, lowly privates, witty dialogue and maybe even homeless hecklers yelling at the moon are all things to look forward to this Wednesday!

The show will be a double feature opening with the Ottawa famous Cul-de-Sac and closing with A Total COP out! This righteous event will be held at the Imperial Tavern (329 Bank Street) and is only five dollars at the door so bring your friends, a date, a Dane or just your beautiful self out for a night of Improvisational long form comedy! 


One Response to “A Total COP Out!”

  1. This was pure amazing wondermint! One of our best shows!

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