Fresh Meat Festival

Fresh Meat Festival:

Three nights: three labs!

The GRIMprov boys are proud to be the hosts in the first EVER Fresh Meat Theatre Festival! Not only will we be introducing the acts but we will also be doing three of our favorite labs for the festival. For theatre goers on Friday the 28th you will be treated to REQUIEM FOR A DREAMprov! This was GRIMprov’s first ever lab wherein the audience watches the demise of perfectly normal characters through their own vices: suggested by you the audience. For those venturing out on Saturday the 28th you will get to see BONDprov! Everyone’s favorite sexy secret agent is back hitting up the ladies, stopping evil and all this in time to grab a martini (shaken, not stirred). And for the final night… GRIMprov has decided to take the night off and let the Puppets do the work! That’s right, Flopolopolis, Blooper and Gary from Accounting from GRIMprov Presents: A FRIGGEN’ PUPPET SHOW will be back again for another amazing adventure. Each night is three hours of theatre featuring six young, up starting theatre companies from Ottawa. Come join the festival on their main page for more info about this amazing festival and these excellent artists!


2 Responses to “Fresh Meat Festival”

  1. Dave Longbottom Says:

    Just had a great dinner, few pints and a small taste of grimprov at the Imperial! Outstanding surprise, and will be back real soon. Thanks.

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