Ladies and gentlemen,
GRIMprov and company is proud to announce that they will be at Ottawa’s Comic-con for both days (Sat May 12 and Sun May 13th) performing ACTION-FIGUREprov!

This show builds off the superhero themed show we performed for Dead Unicorn Inc. Who says you are too old to play with action figures? GRIMprov didn’t say that and GRIMprov likes kittens so suck it haters.

ACTION-FIGUREprov will feature action figures projected on the big screen, microphones and our comedic wit! With all this and more we will delight and entertain with a show like no other! Featuring (as always) DJ Helicase!

For Saturday’s performance, GRIMprov will be joined by Insensitivity Training’s Mitch and with Darcy of the Mission Improvable 6!

On Sunday: GRIMprov will be joined the Royal Halloway’s Brooke!

Saturday 12th 4pm Rm: Meeting room A

Sunday 13th 4pm Rm: Meeting room A

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