VAT#007BP: BONDprov

Prov, BONDprov. Dah dah duh, dah dah duh, da da da da!

That’s right folks, down at the GRIMprovisation lab we have combined guns, women, world terror plots, a womanizing spy, henchmen, fight scenes, explosions and martinis (shaken not stirred) to create BONDprov! The amazing improvised comedy troupe GRIMprov will be performing a live, totally improvised James-Bond-esk movie based off of your suggestions. If you like puns, men wearing bras, action, danger, romance and sex scenes this is a show not to be missed!

BONDprov’s maiden voyage will be Wednesday November 30th, at 9pm at the Imperial located at 329 Bank Street. The show is a double-header with the Cul-de-Sac long style improv opening the show and DJ Helicase will be spinning beats and leeks throughout the night. All this for a mere five dollars at the door. So swing on down for satisfaction that only a secret agent can provide!


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