VAT #00000Z2: ZIMMERprov

Improv lab#2:

Elements: four GRIMprovisers, a DJ, some of the most epic music ever created and a beautiful audience.

Goal: To shock and awe

Zimmer down everyone, because on Wednesday October 26th at 9pm GRIMprov is proud to announce its second experimental improv form which called: ZIMMERprov! Hans Zimmer the world famous composer has brought beauty and epiciness to even the worst of Michael Bay movies. He is the genius behind soundtracks such as the Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tears of the Sun, The Dark Knight and many more films that have touched your heart. GRIMprov’s improv scenes will be brought to life by his epic music spun by a live DJ!

Join GRIMprov and DJ Helicase for a live improv show that will leave you breathless! The show is five dollars at the door and for the second half we will follow up by our world famous Cul-du-Sac long form. GRIMprov hopes to see your participation in our ongoing experimentation!

DJ Helicase: Check him out on Facebook @DJ Helicase (Austin Vair)

Where: The Imperial (329 Bank Street, Ottawa). Show starts at 9pm


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