Requiem for a DREAMprov takes flight!

Next Show info:

Where: Imperial (329 Bank Street)
When: Wednesday October 5th, 9pm
What: Double Feature- Requiem for a DREAMprov/ Cul-de-sac
Cost: $5 at the door.

Join GRIMprov for a double feature! Start off the night with our very first Improv Lab!

So join us for an experience of comedic downfall as we begin our experimental improv laboratory with “Requiem for a DREAMprov”. Our show, similar to the movie Requiem for a Dream, consists of addiction, obsession, tragedy all done in Grimprov’s dark and comedic way. Watch as four characters give into temptation of… well whatever is suggested. Anything from banking, knitting, or turtles! You decide!

The second half of the show will feature our infamous “Cul-de-sac” long form. It is a high energy blast of fast pace scenes like channel surfing but all the channels are creating one big story!

So come out on Wednesday October 5th to the Imperial on Bank Street to see a show that will make you keel over dead with laughter!


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